We are an independent
spirits producer, proudly
based in Glasgow.

Our mission is to create disruptive drinks brands that combine world class liquid with stand out packaging, all the while being inspired by Glasgow; this fascinating city we call home.

With a world-renowned history of invention and innovation, Glasgow is a city full of colourful character, no-nonsense attitude, unrivalled style and of course, the famous Glasgow wit.

With that in mind, the spirits we create are unapologetically bold, generously spirited (pardon the pun) and unforgettably eye-catching.

Join us as we imbibe with pride!


Glaswegin Premium Gin was launched in 2018 by Andy McGeoch. Feeling frustrated by the lack of a truly Glaswegian premium gin brand that reflected our modern city on Glasgow’s back bars, Andy began to play with the idea of launching his own gin brand. 

The concept of Glaswegin got so much positive feedback amongst friends and family, he felt compelled to go ahead with the brand. In his words, Glaswegin was “an idea that got out of hand”. And we’re so pleased it did!

Distilled and bottled in the heart of Glasgow’s Tradeston area and designed by Paul Gray (award-winning designer and Glasgow School of Art graduate), Glaswegin combines a no-nonsense attitude, generous spirit (pardon the pun) unrivalled style and of course, the famous Glasgow wit.

From its release in late 2018, Glaswegin has won the hearts of gin drinkers, not just here in Glasgow, but across the UK and beyond. 

Noted for its award-winning taste & bottle design, Glaswegin is now exported internationally & has accumulated multiple international spirits & design awards. Click here to see our awards.

King's Inch Single Malt Whisky

We launched our first bottling of King’s Inch Single Malt Scotch Whisky in 2021. 

The recipe for our King’s Inch Single Malt was developed, to our specification, by highly renowned master distiller Jim Swan; it was one of his final commissions before he passed away in February 2017. The mantle of distillation of our precious spirit was handed to experimental distiller Jack Mayo. 

Crafted and matured at a renowned Glasgow distillery, it has been painstakingly designed for the best possible flavour extraction from Kentucky Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks.

Presented at 46% ABV and without colouring or chill-filtration, King’s Inch is an approachable yet characterful Single Malt Whisky, much like the residents of its home town, Glasgow. 

As a nod to Glasgow’s rich history of invention, a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge distillation has created an exceptionally characterful and smooth Lowland Single Malt.

In the 9 months since launch, King’s Inch Single Malt Whisky has become a triple gold medal winner in some of the industry’s leading blind taste tests. Click here to see our awards.

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